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People in mid air



In this example we want to shoot our models in mid air while they jump into the sea. This is a typical scenario where you must do everything right the first time. This because clothes, hair and make-up are ruined when they are wet. It is way to expensive to keep your models and crew on location. So we show you how to do this.

Step one, setup your camera and flash unit and make a test shot. Your apature must be high enough to get enough dept of field (dof) but fast enough to freeze the image. For example when you want to use a 35mm lens for your shot your minimum shutter speed must be 1/35 of a second or faster. This is fast enough to freeze your subject in mid air.

Step two, we need something to trigger both camera and flash. You have to use our Light Speed Trigger and one of the sensors. In this case you can use our optical gate sensor. When our models jump we use a small delay before triggering the equipment. To setup your delay you can trow something through the sensor into the water and see of the timing is right. When you repeat this step the test subject must be in the same place in mid air time after time.

Step three, your models must jump together into the water. The Light Speed Trigger does the job and you are ready for your next shot.